MONDAY July 13th!!

Want to try DANCEFIX but would like an at home choreography crash course first? This is it!

Our INTRO to DANCEFIX Workshop is now online!! This package is designed for brand new students!


This workshop will help give you a sense of mastery and have you ready to dance with us more often, online or in person, when we return to our studios! Our regular DANCEFIX class features 10 dances/pieces of choreography with one song rotating out every couple of weeks. Once you are a frequent student with us, you know 10 of the dances and only have to learn the newest song's choreography. When you are brand new, you have to learn all 10 dances at once! This can be a lot and that's why we created the INTRO to DANCEFIX online worksop package.


How it works: The cost of the INTRO to DANCEFIX package is $40 and includes video links featuring slow, detailed choreography breakdowns of all 10 songs that are in our current class set. The package also includes a video link for one of our regular DANCEFIX classes, taught at our typical class pace. All of these links are active for two weeks, to use at your own pace.You may purchase the package any time from now until July 13th. You are automatically registered at the time of purchase and will receive a confirmation of purchase email. Do not forget to include your email when creating your account.


On Monday July 13th, Registered students will receive an email with the private links and passwords unique to that student. These links will be active through Sunday July 26th. The goal of this workshop is to have you ready at the end of the two weeks to join our regular classes, online or in person!For more information about DANCEFIX, visit our website, Or follow our Facebook page, DANCEFIX by HBDC , to find videos of some of our typical classes. We recommend doing this before registering if you haven't seen one of our DANCEFIX dance workout classes up close and personal. That way you will know what to expect.


We hope you will join us and we can't to welcome all of you into our DANCEFIX community!!This is a promotion for new students only although for our regular students that refer a friend that registers, we will put a free class in your account as a THANK YOU!

(We consider you new again if we haven't seen you in over a year).