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SUMMER SUNDAYS Workshop Series


OUR SUMMER SUNDAYS SERIES is back by popular demand with classes starting Sunday June 4th! 

We are so excited to offer our DANCEFIX Summer Sundays Workshop Series again this summer, June 4th-July 30th! Have you ever wanted to learn how to do a pas de bouree correctly or how to execute a turn without getting dizzy?

These workshops are designed just for you! Try our DANCEFIX Footwork, DANCEFIX Leaps, DANCEFIX Turn Basics, DANCEFIX Intermediate Turns, or the DANCEFIX choreography FastTrack class. Or come take all 4! Sundays, 1:45-3:15pm, June 4th-July 30th, at our Blue Ash studio. Cost: $20 drop in or $75 for a 4 class pack!

June 4th DANCEFIX Turn Basics Workshop: This workshop is for the turn beginner. Students will learn spotting,  body placement, and the overall mechanics of the turns and turning traveling movements that appear throughout our DANCEFIX choreography. 

 June 11th DANCEFIX Intermediate Turns Workshop: Students will learn the the turns and turning traveling movements that appear throughout our DANCEFIX choreography. This workshop is perfect for the student that understands the basic of turning and wants to take their turning technique to the next level! 


June 18th & July 9th DANCEFIX Choreography FastTrack: The Cliff notes of DANCEFIX. This class is great for returning DANCEFIXers. We will go over all of the most difficult moves from our current DANCEFIX class.


June 25th & July 30th DANCEFIX Footwork Workshop: Learn a catch step, chasse, pivot turn, pas de bouree, pony, and more! All of the footwork that you may find in our DANCEFIX classes.

July 16th and July 23rd DANCEFIX Leaps Workshop: Students will soar, learning all of the leaps that show up in our DANCEFIX choreography.

Cost: $20 for a single class or $75 for a 4-class pack

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