Re-Opening Guidelines as of 5/27/2020 for Blue Ash Studio Only


We have followed CDC recommended guidelines, which emphasize frequent hand washing (20 seconds), wearing a mask, avoiding touching your face, social distancing (6 feet apart) from others, and frequent cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces using cleaning products approved by the CDC to sanitize against Covid-19.


We are so excited to dance with all of you in person again! Our staff is ready and we have been taking every precaution to keep you as safe as possible. Please review ALL of the procedures below. We are in this together and the more prepared we are when arriving to the studio, the faster we can get to the fun part, the dancing!!


Health Safety Priority Information

  • Do not come to Studio or Outdoor classes if you are sick or have a fever or cough, even if it’s allergies.

  • Please bring your own mat; we will no longer have mats available.

  • Sanitize hands before entering the Studio or Outdoor dance area.

  • Wear a mask in common areas before and after class; masks are optional while taking class.

  • Maintain social distancing at all times (6 feet apart).

  • There will be hand sanitizer and wipes throughout the studio, at both doors, at an outdoor station and restrooms. Please use frequently and wipe down surfaces after touching including bathroom door handles, faucets, and paper towel dispensers.


If you test positive for COVID or have symptoms of COVID you must let us know immediately so we can follow CDC and Ohio guidelines to notify students, teachers and to decide our next steps.


 Registering for all classes

  • Sign up and pay in advance through Mindbody online.

  • We will not be taking payments (cash or otherwise) in person.

  • Pre-registration is required. Drop-ins are not permitted.


(NOTE: As with many of these new procedures, we will monitor this to make sure it is effective for all and make changes if necessary.)

  • If a class that you want to take is full, we encourage you to sign up for the class waiting list to be chosen first if someone cancels their registration for that class.

  • If you need to cancel your registration, please do so 12 hours before class begins, otherwise you will be charged for the class due to the class size limitations.

  • Blue Ash In-Studio class limit is 12 people.

  • Outdoor and At The Banks class limit is 35 people.

  • You will receive a new Release Form/Waiver either via email, or through your MindBody account, to cover a few new things. By coming to class, you are agreeing to these terms.


Online and LIVE classes

  • We will continue to offer online LIVE and pre-recorded classes. We want you to have the chance to dance at home or in the studio depending on your comfort level. SEE SCHEDULE HERE.


Studio Class Procedures

  • The two outside studio doors will be propped open to avoid touching the door and to ventilate the space. Please enter through these two outside doors; the main entrance will be locked.

  • When entering either the Studio or Outdoor dance space, maintain social distancing (6 feet apart). In Studio, find the spot marked with an X that is furthest from the 2 outside doors. That way other students can fill in without walking past as many people. This “X” will be your spot for class.

  • There are no assigned spots; please no holding spots for anyone.

  • Students will only be permitted in the lobby when using the restroom, please wait in studio until a restroom is available.

  • While dancing, keep your spacing by moving with the entire class, always returning to your own X as home base. We have taken out the circles in the choreography and the parts of the choreography where we run up to each other.

  • After class, the instructor will excuse students row by row closest to the door.

  • No lingering before or after class. The CDC guideline will not permit gathering more than 10 minutes before or after class. Trust us, we can’t wait until we get to hang out again.


 Outdoor Class Procedures - Veterans Memorial Park

  • Class will take place in front of the stage.

  • Students are encouraged to remove jumps for safety (we may be on concrete.)

  • When Outdoors, fill in the front row to the back and be arms length apart from all others when they have their arms out. So everyone should be able to do a spin with arms extended without touching.

  • There are no assigned spots; please no holding spots for anyone.

  • No admittance to studio before, during, or after Outdoor classes unless using the Restroom. – Enter through main entrance to use the restroom during Outdoor classes only.

  • In case of inclement weather (rain or heat), Outdoor Class will be cancelled. You will be notified at least 1 hour before the class start time and you will not be charged for the class.


 Additional Health and Safety Etiquette

  • The lobby will no longer be used as an entrance/exit, gathering spot, and will no longer house yoga mats or your personal belongings.

  • Please no hugging, touching, or high-fiving each other.

  • Do not bring extra items or people with you. Only bring your keys, mat, filled water bottle, and phone into the studio. No coats, bags, purses, etc. Lock personal items in the trunk of your car. DANCEFIX is not responsible for any losses. Studio Classes, your personal items will be up against the studio wall nearest you. Outdoor classes, we’ll designate an area for personal items.

  • Arrive in your workout clothes; no changing will be permitted inside the studio.

  • Extra administration staff will be present to help direct you and make sure to help with questions or concerns. Please let us know how we can help!


Thanks everyone for helping us keep everyone safe! We know all of this will only strengthen our DANCEFIX community. We appreciate all of you very much and can’t wait to jump up and down, relieve some stress, and “Air Hug” from 6 feet away!!