In DANCEFIX we celebrate our diversity! So whether you have had dance or not, no matter your age, no matter your fitness level, we work hard to make DANCEFIX your movement home and to provide a supportive and encouraging environment. It is also important to us that our students remain engaged and inspired overtime. DANCEFIX is a joyous and challenging workout with changing choreography. This can feel overwhelming to some at the beginning, especially if you are limited in the amount of times you can attend each week.


Here are some recommendations to help make your experience the best it can be!


1.Come To Class

Believe it or not, every person you see in a DANCEFIX  class started out not knowing a single step. Repetition will get you there. We promise. We recommend finding a spot towards the middle of the room, close to the side. Work on getting the direction of the movement first, once you have that, try adding the footwork, followed by the arms. The more you come, the faster you will catch on to the choreography. We recommend attending 3 times per week when you are beginning, allowing your muscle memory to do it's thing. You will want to bring a mat and water bottle. Most students wear some type of athletic sneaker although a few of our students prefer dancing barefoot or in a jazz shoe or dance sneaker.

2. Attend an INTRO to DANCEFIX WORKSHOP Series

These quarterly Intro to DANCEFIX workshops are designed especially for newcomers to work learn the choreography we are doing in our regular classes, as well as a bit of technique, with others who are new to DANCEFIX. You are welcome to attend our other classes at any time but this workshop will give you a sense of mastery and community. Click HERE for more information about our upcoming workshops


3. Check out our Spotify page

We love the musicians and performing artists who create the music we move to. We will feature our current songs on our SPOTIFY PAGE so you can listen and/or purchase to support the artists and practice at home. 

4. Attend Our NEW STUDENTS/FRIENDS DANCE FREE WEEK (outdoor classes only) , Jan 4-10th!

New students dance for FREE in all of our DANCEFIX Outdoor classes, Jan 4-10th!

Current students that bring a new friend to an Outdoor class also dance FREE!
It's a win win! More info HERE