Q: Do I need to have dance experience to take DANCEFIX classes?


A: No.  Dancers of all levels are welcome in our classes!  Please keep in mind that regardless of your dance background, the choreography will be challenging at first.  Be patient with yourself and know that everyone else in the room was new at some point!  We also offer free choreography breakdown sessions 30 minutes before some of our classes that provide the space for you to slow things down and to ask questions about the choreography. Click here to find helpful hints for beginners.



Q: What should I wear?


A: Any type of comfortable workout clothing that you can move in, we get sweaty!!  For DANCEFIX dance workout classes, you will also want to wear sneakers or dance shoes and we use mats for the toning section of class, you may bring your own or borrow one from the studio. For the technique classes, you will want to wear shoes specific to that technique.

Q: When does the next session begin?


A: All of our classes, except for our Specialty Workshops, are ongoing.  You can join at any time!

Click here for our schedule.

Q: If I purchase a pass, am I able to use it at both locations?


A: Yes, you are able to use your DANCEFIX pass for DANCEFIX classes at Cincinnati Ballet and all ongoing classes at our Blue Ash location.  Passes cannot be used for the Specialty Workshop series. Purchase classes here.

Q: Where can I find the most up-to-date information about changes to the schedule, substitute teachers, flash mobs and performances, etc?


A: Join our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or Instagram,  and download our DANCEFIX app from iTunes or Google Play.

Q. How do I access DANCEFIX Live and pre-recorded classes?

A. Click HERE